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Problem Solver Services

Problem Solver – Pest Specific Control Programs are available for the following pests:

InspectorUSA Termite & Pest Control offers you the ability to address specific pest issues without the requirement for long-term contracts for services you don’t want or need. InspectorUSA’s Problem Solver Services are designed to address the issues created by an occasional infestation by insects such as roaches, ants, spiders, fleas or most other pests. The service provides for a 90 day short-term service agreement where InspectorUSA agrees to provide the necessary treatments needed to resolve a specific pest issue all a single fee. The program fee starts at $99 and rises based on the size of the property, the subject pest and severity of the infestation. For the fee you get a thorough inspection and  pest-specific treatment plan that includes an initial treatment and additional services “as needed” to resolve the problem. The program is fully guaranteed, If at the end of 90 days the problem has not been resolved we will extend it at NO additional charge to you!

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bug control from InspectorUSA Termite and Pest Control can eliminate the spread of these irritating insects. We can control bed bug infestations which are usually brought into homes and businesses in clothing, luggage and second-hand bedding and furniture. Our trained technicians can eliminate these bed bug intruders.

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Mosquito & Tick Control

Being Bugged by Mosquitoes and Ticks? These pests can be both annoying and dangerous. InspectorUSA Termite & Pest Control’s Mosquito & Tick Control Program is a preventative service plan designed to eliminate mosquito and tick activity around your home and in your yard. Say goodbye to bug bites with the InspectorUSA Mosquito & Tick Control Program.

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Wasp & Bee Control

You know about stinging bees and wasps but did you know that some bees like the carpenter bee can actually burrow into wood damaging your home? InspectorUSA Termite and Pest Control is the bee, wasp, hornet, and hive removal and eradication expert. At InspectorUSA, we specialize in 24 hour emergency bee services in the Central and Eastern Kentucky area. We solve the problem for you with fast and efficient services.

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Rodent Control

Mice and rats pose serious risks to your health and property. A single mouse can contaminate food and leave behind feces that put your family at risk of bacterial and viral infection. Our rodent service begins with a comprehensive inspection where we identify areas of activity and potential entry-exit points. Based on your home and level of infestation, our technicians will develop a customized rodent control plan for eliminating the infestation and preventing re-entry. Prior to initiating service, we will explain our rodent control methods and make recommendations on how to prevent future infestation. For homes with extensive activity or those at greater risk for infestation, we offer Perimeter Rodent Control Programs. These programs provide fixed service intervals and offer outstanding reduction of rodent populations. Our regular encounters with rodents give us the knowledge and experience to identify and eliminate even the most difficult rodent problems.

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Pre-Occupancy Pest Cleanout

Designed specifically to alleviate pest problems in vacated homes prior to occupancy by new owners or tenants. This professional interior/exterior pest control service comes with a 30 day additional treatment guarantee and is provided as a one time service so there is no need for long term contracts

Service Includes:

  • Residential Pest Control Inspection & Report
  • Exterior treatment around foundation, doors, windows and other harborage areas
  • Removal of spider webs and wasp nests from eaves and other areas on exterior
  • Interior treatment for general pests

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Residential Termite Prevention Program

In sports it is said that the best defense is a good offense…well the same is true when dealing with termites. Where termites are concerned there are only three types of homes, those that have had termites, those with termites and those that will get termites! This is why we have created an inexpensive residential termite prevention program designed to help prevent termites from becoming a problem for your home.

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Termite Control Services

Over the past 10 years termite control technology has undergone major changes. In the past there was basically only one way to control termites, and that was with barrier treatments that required the pumping of hundreds of gallons of repellant termiticides under and around your home. These termiticides, of which chlordane was the most popular, were suppose to create a barrier between the house and the termites that would repel termites away. In order for this to work the pest control professional had to make sure to put chemical in every possible entry point or the termites could bypass the treatment area and get in anyway. Based on retreatment statistics this occured in more that 50% of the cases. Beginning in the early 1980’s, individual states began banning the use of chlordane, and the U.S. EPA banned its use nationwide in 1988. The loss of chlordane led to major research to find suitable replacements, and many “replacement” termiticides came — and went.
In the late 1990’s pesticide manufacturers stopped trying to “replace” chlordane, and instead began testing new methods that would “eliminate” termites instead of repelling them. Out of this testing came two new approaches to termite control: termite baiting and non-repellent liquid termiticides like Imidaclorprid and Fipronil. At InspectorUSA Termite and Pest Control, we offer both termite treatment options and use both to customized the best possible treatment for your situation.

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Small Business Pest Control Services

Pest Cost Small Businesses Thousands of Dollars a Year!

Roaches, rats, mice, and other pests are a constant threat. Every year they cost your business money from ruined inventory, contaminated goods and lost profits.

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Once-A-Year Residential Pest Control

This service is designed to give you a pest free home for one year. It includes an eight (8) step thorough, clean and environmentally friendly treatment of the inside and outside of your home or office to keep pests out. Our once-a-year program is designed using the latest in mild, but long lasting products to maintain eight (8) defensive barriers in and around your home. All of the interior treatment is thoroughly applied out of reach and out of sight so as not to be exposed to detergents from general household cleaning or other elements that can cause a treatment to break down.

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Termite & WDI Inspections

FHA/VA approved termite/wood destroying insect reports.
If you are purchasing or refinancing a home, there’s a good chance you’ll need a termite/wood destroying insect report in order to meet your mortgage company requirements. This is true especially for FHA and VA insured mortgages. Although the inspection looks for signs of damage from any wood-damaging insects, the standard Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report form commonly used to present the results is often referred to as a “termite clearance letter” or NPMA-33. The letter lists the requirements and the limitations of the inspection and specifies the findings that must be reported.

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Rental Unit Pre-Occupancy "Pest Free" Certifications

Protect yourself from inheriting someone else’s pest problems by having your vacant units pre-inspected and certified pest free before renting it to a new tenant. Our licensed and certified pest inspectors will thoroughly inspect the unit for evidence of structure infesting pests such as bed bugs, roaches, fleas or mice and if no evidence is observed certify the unit as “Pest Free”. If issues are observed we will provide you with an affordable control plan to eliminate them. We can even preventatively treat each unit to help stop problems before they start.

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Gutter Brush Simple Gutter Guards

Gutterbrush is the simplest, most-affordable, and most-effective gutter guard system on the market today. Installing Gutterbrush gutter guards is a simple, one time “Slide Them In” process.

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